Marines in Need

Do you need help?

 As a registered charity, Clan Leatherneck Society & Foundation is dedicated to providing aid to Marines in need.  If you are in need or know of a Marine in need, please email us details of the need and information about the Marine's service. Send information to

Aid we have given:

  • Assisted the daughter of a Marine (and sister of four Marines!) with relocation expenses after her family lost everything in Hurricane Harvey
  • A disabled Marine veteran about to get his electricity cut off
  • A combat wounded Marine getting an experimental double hand transplant
  • An elderly Marine veteran raising money to buy a wheelchair accessible van
  • A community chipping in to buy an inexpensive car for a Marine Vietnam veteran who just got custody of his young grandson
  • Several Target gift cards for Marines staying at the Richmond, Va. Fisher House over Christmas
  • A Marine Desert Storm Gold Star mother whose home was destroyed in a fire

Mental Health Services


22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Please get help if you need it.