Wee Games



As part of Clan Leatherneck’s public outreach activities, our members compete in the Highland Games and take part in many other activities. We also frequently provide demonstrations of or lectures about the Games for Celtic festivals, schools, organizations, and other events.  One of these is the annual three-day Maryland Irish Festival.  In 2015 the Irish Charities of Maryland Inc., the organization which runs the festival, asked Clan Leatherneck if we could develop a children’s version of the Highland Games to hold at their event.  Marines always accomplish their mission so we put our minds to it and came up with the “Wee Games.”  The Wee Games are fun, family-friendly activities modeled after the actual Highland Games but designed for the wee ones (children); however, adults who may have had a ‘wee’ dram too much sometimes like to play as well. We often have corn hole, washer toss, and other activities for the grownups and older kids while the wee ones play.

The Wee Games are currently only available in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. We don't charge a fee but donations are greatly appreciated.


Some of the Wee Events are:

The Flying Haggis


Toss a small to medium size sheep over a bar for height (a stuffed toy - not a real one because that would be just mean).

Drove the Coos


In Scotland, livestock herders are known as "Drovers" and cows is pronounced "coos."  Children heard the Highland cattle into a pasture with a shepherd's staff.

Kiddie Caber


Turn a simulated caber end over end for accuracy.

Wee Hammer

Throw a 'Wee' version of the Scottish hammer for distance.

Sporran Toss

Think of a sporran as the Highland version of a wallet. It is a pouch worn by men as a kilt accessory from a belt or chain around the waist. In the Sporran Toss children throw a weighted pouch for distance.

The Loch Ness Monster

Scotland's most famous mythical beast. Bean bags are thrown for accuracy into Nessie's mouth, the gates of Castle Leatherneck, and another of Scotland's great myths - a shining sun.